The Simple Details That Complete Your Web Design

More often than not, we talk about creating websites that contains significant contents and offers the users with an impressive experience while leaving a good impression.


Quite honestly, online businesses should definitely apply those things for they are the key to making a website work. Though occasionally, what gets lost in the overall design and function of a website are the simple details.


A user-friendly and simple website layout is always more effective than a messy, disorganized page full of redundant information. If possible, limit your top-level navigation menu to no more than five tabs. It’s also worth mentioning to keep them visibly labelled and be sure to organize the related pages under those tabs.


The simple addition of a site search to the upper right corner of your web page is also very helpful to your web visitors, as some of them might type-in directly to the search menu than browsing throughout your page. This makes it easier for them to find what they need.


Website Design


Also, remember to use high-quality images that’s relevant to your brand so as to give your website a professional look. Be sure not to oversize or under-size your font, and utilize colours that are pleasing to the eyes. Nobody wants to get all stressed out by simply trying to read brightly coloured, small fonts.


The use of black fonts against a white background makes so much sense. After all, books have been using this technique for quite a very long time now and it works well for them; so why not apply it on your website? It’s simple yet truly effective.


Your contact information should also be easily detectable. If possible, place it at the very top or at the very bottom of your home page, so that your web visitors won’t have to look hard for an address or a phone number if they want to contact someone from your company.


Truth is, it’s the simple details that make the utmost impact on the customers when visiting your site. So be sure you explore and scrutinize every nook and cranny, up to the very little details, and bear in mind your key target audience.


In spite of every modern upgrades you incorporate in your site, ignoring the simplest of details can truly result to negative impacts that’s why being meticulous is a must in this business.

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The Importance of Using Social Media For Businesses

Social media has been around for quite a while now, and during that time, different platforms have already emerged for users to enjoy and make use of. It has now become a very efficient tool for businesses and should definitely be utilized in your marketing strategy.


Customer Satisfaction

One of the most promising features of social media is the direct contact it allows you to have with your clients. Rather than clients having to send feedback through emails, social media offers them the ability to quickly review your products or services and report any necessary issues. It can also be used to answer any issues or queries your customers might have, thus, improving their satisfaction in return.


Increase The Brand Recognition

Social media is a wonderful tool for increasing your brand recognition, with a simple click and share. By using the appropriate layout and imagery that social media sites offer, you can customize your brand image and have a uniform style across all platforms you use. This makes your business easier to find and more accessible for new customers. It also makes you more recognizable for existing customers.


The Importance of using social media to business


Search Engine Optimization

When your web page is connected with all your social media accounts, and you constantly update all your profiles, you’ll surely make a much better SEO result. One of the things Google considers when ranking various websites is the content featured on a site and how often they are updated. Being active on social media will definitely increase your SEO ranking, and therefore, your visitor count.


More Opportunities

Every post you make on your social media platforms is a good opportunity for viewers to turn into loyal customers. After building a large following count, you’ll have access to recent customers, new customers, as well as the old customers. On top of that, you’ll be able to interact with all of them at the same time.


Business to business

Social media is an extremely powerful tool for connecting with other businesses, particularly if your company focuses on Business-to-Business selling. Not only does it enable you to promote your products and services to them, but you can directly make connections and communicate for the future.


Believe it or not, social media can give you a huge variety of learning services to help your business, as well as your employees, in different ways.

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How To Properly Promote Your Website

If you want to promote your website beyond search engines, we highly recommend a website promotion strategy that involves both traditional and web marketing initiatives.


How To Attract Online Visitors

Web marketing is all about gaining more visitors to your website. There are a lot of low-budget yet effective internet marketing strategies that are really proven in stimulating traffic.


Social media

One of the best ways to market your website is through social media. Developing strategies that will create an interest on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, blog, LinkedIn, and other social media sites can definitely increase the recognition of your brand and website.


Making an email newsletter

Enabling visitors to share their email addresses in order to receive information from you is also an effective way of marketing. That is why an e-newsletter is a must-have promotional tool. This newsletter doesn’t have to be lengthy, it can also be sent just once a month and yet it will still be effective.


Create a video

A lot of people use the Internet to search for certain information, as well as for watching an informative video presentation. You can either make a “how to” videos or any topic that co-relates your brand or business. Remember to mention your website in the video and post it on YouTube, and then share it on your other social media accounts. Using videos to further promote your website has the potential to amp the traffic to it.


Website Marketing Tips


Writing a blog

Incorporating a blog to your website is a good way to draw in more visitors. But for a blog to really be successful, you’ll need to provide quality content that’s more informative rather than promotional, for at least once a week. This is another way of interacting with your audience and sharing information with them, thus, making them feel involved.


Exchange Links

Incoming links not only helps your website’s popularity in search engine rankings, but they also help drive more traffic to your site from other websites. Definitely think about exchanging your website URL with other popular and reputable websites. Consider both free and paid directories like Yahoo Directory, Open Directory Project, About.com and Business.com. Another way is through reciprocal links with other websites that complement your services or products.


Share Your Expertise

There are numerous blogs, email newsletters, and websites whose editors are always looking for content from expert sources. Think about writing articles for such sites and offer them a free content in exchange for a link to your website, as well as a brief description about your business.



Paid search marketing is one of the top-grade forms of targeted marketing on the Web. When used well, it could invite more and more people to your website, and result in increase of sales or other calls of action you’re seeking. Pay-Per-Click is fairly affordable and has a good track record for returning desired results.


Try out these practical tips on how to spread the word about your site!


Planning Out Your Website

Designing and mapping out a website is truly a lot harder than the finished product suggests. In actuality, the real behind-the-scene process conveys a different story as it often takes an entire team to fully create a website, and the final product may even be a bit (or a lot) different than the initial idea.


That’s because creating something out of nothing usually means you can do anything in the beginning. This kind of freedom can be a great thing when it comes to brainstorming, but can also be a bad thing when trying to get something done.


So to help you get started with your website, here are some things you need to carefully plan out.


1. The Customers

You have to remember that the most essential part of your website has nothing to do with you – it’s all about your valued customers. Knowing what they want and need is the important key to bear in mind before making your website.


2. The Brand

The brand is the main story of your website. If a certain font, design theme, or style doesn’t really match your brand’s story, then you have to discard it immediately. Being aware of who you are as a brand and having a specific point of view of its purpose, ensures your websites to stand on its own.


3. The Content

What kind of content do you want to put into your website? Do you want to incorporate a video or even info-graphics? Will you be writing a blog? List down all the possible content types you want to integrate before working on your website. By doing so, the building blocks of your site is already in place even before the actual construction begins.


Tips and advice on how to plan your website


4. The Images

This time, start thinking about what type of images you want for your website. Will you be using computer-generated imagery or live photos? What particular images do you need in order to complete your website? Think of these things ahead of time so you’ll always be ready.


5. The Pages

Traditional website design has a home page and a bunch of other sub-pages that all circle around that. However, you could also go a bit non-traditional, by having your entire content in one single page that can be scrolled by your viewers. Start thinking about the basic needs of your website. For example, do you need a separate ‘Contact Us’ page, or would you simply like to add that information to your ‘About Us’ page?


6. Your Social

These days, anything that has to do online always revolve around the social media. So the question is, how will you integrate what’s going on with your Twitter account and Facebook Page to what’s going on with your website?


Careful planning doesn’t limit the things you can do, but instead, it helps you focus on what is important and allows you to create the best possible site.

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Important Factor To Remember Before Updating Your Site

When you release a new feature on your website, or maybe updating an existing one, be sure to update your online resources on how to use that update/feature as well. By not doing so, you do a disservice to your visitors and potential customers.


It would be like setting up a brand new smart TV without any instructional manual on how to utilize its modern features. Sure, you most likely will be able to figure out how to use it, but it’s an extra hassle to have to guess at how all the features actually work than by having a user-friendly manual at hand.


Unlike a lot of other physical products out there (such as cars or TVs), software companies and a lot of websites are never truly “finished” with their end-product. There will always be incremental versions that vary from slight to massive tweaks that can entirely change how a customer interacts with the website.


Important tips to consider before updating your website


Aside from knowing its importance, a lot of companies and business owners fail to update their customers regarding the new features of their site, in a rush to push out the greatest and latest features. This may leave the customers feeling confused – or worse, frustrated – when it comes to trying out the latest feature.


That’s why it is truly important to make sure that prior to the announcement or marketing of a new product or feature, you should work on updating your instruction manual with clear and concise how-to guides.


For example, place a note somewhere on your homepage (that will easily be seen by the visitors) regarding the changes you made on the site, such as “This particular button is now over here and has been relabelled into this and it now functions like this”. This helps your potential customers to seamlessly browse your site, so it’s a win-win situation in the end.


For more tips and advice regarding web design, feel free to explore our page.


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Why Browser Compatibility Is Crucial To A Website

Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera – these are just some of the leading web browsers for Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems that enables your website to be accessed on the Internet. While their function is the same, they all work differently, which means your website may not perform or look in the same way across all these browsers.


That’s why it’s so important to ensure that your website works perfectly no matter which browser your visitors will use.


The Compatibility Test

Before you launch your website online, please run it under a series of browser compatibility test. This is to preview your site on all browsers, including their previous versions to see how all the elements look and perform. You’d also be able to check the visual aspect and functionality of the site style, structure, and navigation.


You should also check these factors during the browser compatibility test:


  • Accessibility of your site in different browser versions
  • Speed of the site during low and high traffic levels
  • Search engine optimization
  • Links to ensure none are broken
  • Function of your website to be certain there are no errors
  • Mobile compatibility across all geographic
  • E-commerce and shopping cart functionality
  • Appearance of the design layout, including text, fonts and images, in different screen size combinations

Why is this crucial

According to some research, site visitors are less likely to stay on a certain website or do business with it if the site is not functioning properly or does not look right. Browser compatibility problems can cause issues like bad navigation, inaccessibility, slow loading pages, site errors and all major reasons for potential clients to leave the site.


Most importantly, when your website works seamlessly with all browsers, your visitors will benefit from a more inviting and smooth site experience that encourages them to keep browsing and interact with your site. When that happens, you will then begin realizing benefits that boosts your return on investment and bottom line.


Embracing The Traditional Ways Of Web Design

There’s a purpose why most ice cream scooper function in literally the same way. There’s a specific reason why every new smartphones being released is ultimately some version of a rectangular tablet. There’s a specific reason why your car has a centre console with the temperature and audio controls. So, in other words, there’s a purpose why website logos are commonly found at the top left of a web page.


That’s probably because it makes sense in a lot of ways, and it definitely works. To make it simpler, it’s the traditional way of doing things.


In today’s design world, the traditional ways of web design is usually being rejected and is quite a negative term. For most, traditional is utterly dull and boring.


Functional Navigation For Your Website

But then if you think hard enough, you’ll realize that sometimes, boring is actually a good thing! When it comes to designing and planning your website, a traditional and somewhat boring navigation bar at the topmost section of your page means your visitors won’t have to search long and hard just to go to a particular page. If things are positioned the traditional way, customers can easily get on and find what they need. No need for unfamiliar and unnecessary buttons that your visitors are not familiar with.


A traditional button doesn’t stress out your web visitors. A traditional form doesn’t make anyone question what that particular field is for. To sum it all up, a web design that embraces some of the traditional ways enables users to forget about the construction of your website and instead focus on the great content that you have in store for them.


It’s how you can scroll through your smartphones and be unable to remember that there’s actually a phone involved. You’re just casually scrolling and swiping because it’s the conventional way to use smart phones.


Having a traditional and standard foundation allows you to fully utilize your creativity in some other areas of your web page. If you find that there’s a better way than the traditional ways, you better make sure that it truly is better and not just different.


In the meantime, why not use some of the conventional ways to build a website. Utilize and embrace these ways for they make browsing easier for your clients. After all, web design is much more than just how your website looks, but instead, it’s how it actually works.

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Why Great Customer Service Is Beneficial For Your Brand

Making sure that your brand is well-received in the marketplace is truly important. While it isn’t rocket science to know that services and products that do things very well would commonly have a larger chance of becoming great and well-known brands, it’s quite hard to actually create something worthwhile.


So the last thing you’d want to do is waste all your hard work of creating something that matters, just because you have a really lousy customer service.


If you have an impressive service or product that actually helps to make people’s lives easier, but your company is somewhat difficult to deal with, then your brand will still suffer in the end. Customers are more empowered than ever, and will happily switch to your competitors if they’re not being assisted and treated as they should.


Here are some things you should bear in mind to attain a great customer service for your brand:


Hiring the right kind of people.

Thinking of customer support as the bottom level of your company is the ultimate way to guarantee a bad customer service. Hiring empathetic and enthusiastic employees is the secret way of ensuring that your clients would get what they want. Go for people who has the energy and patience to talk to numerous clients in a calm manner.


Always be grateful to your customers.

This may sound simple enough, but a bit of humility can go a long way in strengthening a positive brand for your business. Acknowledging the fact that your company would not exist without your customers is a great way of preventing success from going to your head. Making sure that every member of your staff has this kind of attitude is a great way to guarantee this vantage point.


Effective and efficient customer service is beneficial for your brand


Utilize common sense; not just “company policy”.

Having a great customer service is more than just saying “have a nice day” and “thanks for shopping with us;” it’s about enabling your employees a certain level of freedom to do what is proper for the customer. Making a blanket “policy” may be an okay starting point, but remember not to impose it with much rigidity. Allow your customer-facing employees make up their own resolution for some customers’ issues, such as with allowing them to replace or refund an obviously broken item. Letting them talk to the customer for as long as it takes just to resolve the issue is also a good thing to do.


Give customers the benefit of the doubt.

Truth is, there are some people out there who will try to rip off your company, and may even steal from you. It’s unavoidable that you will leave some money on the table with these type of customers. But to treat each query or complaint as a way of stealing something from you is to paint all customers with the same brush, which honestly isn’t a good thing to do in business.


A great service and/or product alone won’t give your brand the acknowledgement and attention it needs. You need to pair it with a top-quality customer service too! After all, your customers are the most important people on keeping your business afloat.

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Stepping Up Your ‘About Us’ Game

The About Us page is perhaps the most overlooked and neglected page on a website. The content is dull and the design is basic, it only contains enough information to guarantee a visitor that the company or business is authorized and legitimate. Most About Us section is not the best looking page on a website because businesses invest better effort and more attention to the rest of the site design. Remember though, it turns out that the About Us page is one of the most essential web pages on a site.


According to numerous studies on website interaction, the About Us page is among the top pages that gets visited by potential clients. It plays an important part in whether a visitor continues to browse the rest of the site or just hit the exit button. After all, the About Us section establishes trust, history, and legitimacy for the company and is a key factor for converting sales and driving business.


So what makes an effective About Us page? Here are some key points to step up your About Us game by increasing its value and more significantly, gaining more clients.


Creating and Writing About Us Page


Keeping it concise and real

Using business buzzwords and corporate jargon are such a turn-offs for the readers. Visitors need to know the people behind the company, as well as the necessary information about your business.


The greatest way to gaining their trust and making a great connection with your visitors is to put a human face on the company or its brand. Write something that truly conveys what your business does, in a natural and authentic voice.


Another great strategy of connecting with your visitors would be to tell the story about how the idea came about to start-up your business, services/products, as well as the people that mentored and inspired you along the way. Creatively convey your thoughts by using words that are emotive and descriptive to paint a mental picture of your journey into creating your business. Integrating real photos that relate to your own narrative adds more interest to the page and helps validate the legitimacy of your brand.

Celebrating the core values

The primary purpose behind the About Us section is to provide essential information regarding your brand; such as its very own mission and goals, how long it’s been in existence, as well as the target market your company serves. One method of portraying these details in a client-focused approach is to include your company’s core values in a very pleasing manner.


Web design methods that effectively and creatively presents your core values is by attaching a video that features the owner/s of the business, along with the employees, its management team, and even actual customers. Another technique is by incorporating written reviews made by real clients (complete with each person’s name and location, or a slideshow of images that portrays your brand.


Your core values should distinctly show how the work culture and value system of your company benefits the consumers.


About Us Section

Promoting your milestones and achievements 

The About Us page is the perfect place to exhibit your community involvement, accomplishments, and milestones in a manner that imparts consumer-focused achievements (or in a non-bragging manner). Promoting your company’s achievements can be done by utilizing various web design techniques such as with photos, slideshows, or even in a short video presentation.


Recognition and achievements add credibility and authenticity to your business. It also shows your commitment to the community and makes your business more attractive to potential clients.

Keeping it up-to-date

It’s important to consistently update your About Us section in order to keep it up-to-date. Whenever something new happens at your company, be sure to place it in a timely fashion. Keeping the About Us page current shows your web visitors that your business is always active, and consistently working to improve for its clients. Let it be known that your business is focused on growth.


Fascinating content and design

If your About Us page lacks personality, the ultimate solution for that is by creating exciting content and having a creative web design. With an effective balance of web layout that doesn’t deflect from the content of your About Us page, you create an experience that your visitors will remember. An effective About Us requires content and design to work together, in order to seamlessly present the integral vision of your company in an attractive way.


With a more authentic About Us page, your visitors will get to understand and trust your company even more. These two qualities are very significant in doing business.