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Top 5 Social Media Trends Taking Over 2020

Social media played a vital role in businesses seeking to expand their visibility in 2019. However, 2020 will seek to fully capitalize on the trends set forth in the previous year with even better viewership and conversion rates.

Average social media dependency of the current generation has seen a steady rise, and if you look at the latest projections, you will have found your next target market. So if you haven’t already considered tapping into the social media market for your e-commerce website, then it’s high time you did.

Take a look at what which social media platforms are taking over this 2020.

The Rise of Gen Z

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The Gen Z (those who were born in 1995 and later) are the true digital babies. From birth, they were already exposed to the social media lifestyle, and they have continued that affinity into adulthood.

Trending only predicts more growth into this segment, and it is too significant to ignore. But be aware of the social media apps that appeal to them because Facebook just doesn’t cut it for them.

Instagram and SnapChat seem to have a profound influence on them, so be prepared to tap into those apps for your next marketing spiel.


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Take note of new features from their favourite sites that have become successes themselves. For example, a feature on Instagram called “Stories” is enjoying a huge success nowadays.

It is a feature where users or company brands can publish daily content which only lives for 24 hours; after which, it is gone. This keeps viewership up by being engaging because of fresh content every day. No brand should post content more than once per day anyway.

“AR” Is a Go

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Remember Pokemon Go?

The “augmented reality” game has set a gaming trend that is here to stay. “AR” for short is a game feature that allows your device to superimpose images of gaming characters on real or live scenes in the real world, giving the user the experience of having their favourite gaming characters right there in front of them, wherever they are.

Trending predicts that your marketing strategies should include this feature to give potential customers the ability to simulate “owning” your product right there and then to see or feel if it’s for them.

Imagine being able to superimpose the image of a dress on a potential customer so that she can see for herself if it is the right one. The possibilities are endless.

The Growth of Influencer Marketing

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Influencer marketing will see a huge rise in 2020. Since social media content has the tendency to become stale with sometimes limited viewership, it may be wise to partner with so-called “influencer marketers”.

These people have a huge fanbase or followers that they can easily “influence”.  It only makes sense to work with somebody who already has the numbers rather than starting from scratch and trying to reach those same numbers yourself.

Video Will Continue to Dominate

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Finally, don’t forget the power of video contents. With viewing devices becoming more mobile and capable of producing more stunning images, video contents are rising in popularity.

One report shows that on the average, 45% of people watch more than an hour of YouTube or Facebook videos. Plus add to the fact that video contents tend to generate more views or likes than any other social media content.

Do not ignore this trend and start producing more video content on your e-commerce websites for your target market and enjoy viewership that you never thought possible.

The Takeaway

Although social media trends come and go, it is still important to remain informed on consumer behaviour when it comes to the latest social media craze and the platform’s latest tools and features.

But one this is for sure—giants like Instagram and Facebook are providing businesses more ways to actually come up with fresh content and easier avenues of publishing them.

It’s a good idea for your your e-commerce websites to stay aware of such features like “Stories” and then decide which ones should you invest resources on.

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Why Having a Website Is More Important than a Business Card


In the past, business owners used to hand out business cards to potential investors, clients and customers to effectively market their brand and share information. However, in today’s world of digital media and mobile computing, having a website for your line of business is as important as having a business card that you can hand out to any potential client.

The difference between having a business card and a website is that the latter gives you the advantage of being able to provide limitless information about your business. Almost all use the Internet today on a daily basis. People use the web to search for business information or purchase products.

Below are reasons why a website is more important than having a business card.

Information sharing and networking

Unlike business cards where you only have enough room for information like your company name, address and telephone numbers, having a website gives you space you need for so much more data. You can include in your web design your entire product line or line of service, contact persons in your organization, pictures of your products and even the capability to place orders right there and then.

Let’s face it—your potential clients most likely will be people on the go who prefer to be able to do business while mobile.

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Modify relevant information 

Aside from these obvious advantages, it is also easier to add or modify information in your website.  With a business card, this can only be done by having a whole new batch of cards printed with the new information added.

So what happens to the unmodified cards that were already handed out? Right. Your potential client is left holding onto a business card containing obsolete information.

With a website, you are sure that people accessing it get only the freshest, most updated information about your business.

Accessible virtually almost anywhere in the world

Websites are also easily accessible anywhere, anytime. You don’t have to be anywhere near a potential client for them to access your site or gain information about your business. The website takes care of this for you. Your website works for you even while you sleep.

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Social media influence

Do you want an even bigger potential client base? Incorporate social media networking on your website.  There is a big chance the client you are looking for is on one of the popular social media sites. So go ahead and make your presence felt on these sites and start doing business with people you haven’t even met.

Instant reviews and feedback

Having a website also offers you the advantage of being able to get instant feedback from clients about your products or services. This vital function will allow you to improve your product or the way you do business or provide a certain service.

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People nowadays appreciate being heard, and it doesn’t hurt to hear from your clients now and again and listen to what they have to say about you whether it’s good or bad.  What you do with the information may very well determine the future of your business.

You can say that your website is your business card, a gateway to your business. Also, make sure that your web design reflects your brand’s message and what you are offering to your clients or customers so they can easily identify you.
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