How To Deal With A Hacked Website


Are you aware that research estimates 30,000 websites are now hacked a day, that is nearly 1,000,000 sites a month, that is an absolutely staggering number of websites. It is inevitable that if you have a website that you will get hacked at some stage and it is absolutely essential that you have a strategy in place for when this happens.

Many webmasters completely oblivious and are unaware of how often this occurs. If you are hacked and don’t know what to do or don’t have a proper removal system in place you run the risk of being removed from the search results by google or having your website closed down by your hosting.

This can result in loses in revenue and lead generation and customers searching elsewhere online for someone else providing the same service as you. So rather than finding yourself hacked and not knowing what to do and getting into a large panic make sure you have a strategy in place!

For as little as 0.45p a day you can sleep easy knowing that we at MLA Web Designs will come onto your site and clean up any virus or malicious coding that a hacker may have put onto your site. Why not start by calling me (Marc) on 07957 814 475 and having a no obligation chat and at least understand the risks and dangers that are about.

Don’t leave your self vulnerable with no strategy in place, avoid having the panic and large cost when you realise you have been hacked. Check out more details on what to do here for hacked sites.

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