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Being able to easily and automatically adapt and adjust is an essential key to survival and success. This is specifically true in nature, sports, business, and of course, in web development. It’s time to have a look at one of the most liberating and exciting changes that’s come along for online publishers in recent web history, shall we?

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The mobile responsive design

When a website is seamlessly responsive, the content and/or the layout easily responds based on the size of the screen it’s being viewed on. There have been four screen sizes that responsive design has been targeted at: the usual wide-screen desktop monitor, the laptop, the tablet, and lastly the mobile phone. Being a web developer, digital publisher, web designer, or online business owner should care about this design because you certainly want your website visitors to have top-quality experience in browsing your site, without giving them the headache of figuring things out themselves.

There are basically two ways on how you can give your
audience a greater experience by simply utilizing a mobile responsive design:

Modify the layout of your content

If a reader is browsing your website from their smart phone, they mostly don’t have a lot of screen to work with. Normally, the phones today would instantly zoom out upon visiting a site that has not been optimized to be viewed in a phone, just so the whole website can be viewed on-screen. This is not entirely a bad thing, as it gives the reader access to the entire site, yet it can also be frustrating when your viewers are trying to find information that is situated in a tiny part of the upper right corner of the screen. If you could only make the fonts a bit bigger, move some things around, and not have as many tabs and columns, then you’ll provide your mobile reader a much improved experience in browsing your site.

Adjust the content

If you have a restaurant and a prospective client is browsing through your site using
their mobile phone, chances are they aren’t that concerned with how pretty your site looks. They’re not looking for an awesome slideshow of some delicious food, and scrolling from side to side isn’t really useful in that situation as well. What they want to know about is your work hours, where exactly you’re located at, how they can order, how to make reservations, and what’s inside your menu. On the other hand, another prospective customer browsing
from a desktop computer is likely not looking for those information right now. Most likely, they’re looking to see if your restaurant has a good ambiance and what kind of food can
you offer. Mobile responsive design takes care of this without having multiple versions of
your site to maintain.

Creating a mobile responsive website

All of these may be new to most of you and somewhat intimidating, as it definitely requires not only
a change in design and code, but in your overall web strategy and philosophy as well. Thankfully, our team at MLA Web Design has our capes on and is here to help you out! Let your site be perfectly simple for the publisher, and a great service to the readers.

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“MLA created me a stunning and beautifully designed website. I have an interior design business and the look and feel of the website was so important to be right. Everything was about correct styling and spacing and they did not fail to please. I am very happy with what was delivered.”

-Kathryn, Kathryn Mazure Hudson, UK


“Absolutely superb service. I now have a beautiful website which was quickly built for a reasonable price. And after that they could NOT have been more helpful making sure I understood how to complete any updates I needed. There are millions of web design companies out there… MLA is one in a million.”

-Ashley, Palmdale


“We are delighted with our new website. Marc really understood our objectives and delivered on all levels. Nothing was too much trouble and his help has continued beyond the launch of our website. A reliable and trustworthy company to work with. Also has a sense of humour which helps!”

-Nicola, Jigsaw Arts


“I’m really happy with my service from MLA, they delivered a great website, really understood what I wanted from the outset and when I brought in some new ideas they were really understanding and just made sure the website was exactly as I envisioned, I recommend them highly enough”

-Abdou, AS Studio 3D


“I have been using Marc’s services for some years now and he is the best! I cant recommend him enough. Great work and great customer service even long after completion and just really happy with every experience I have had with MLA. If you want a good service make sure to get in touch.”

-Phoebe, Go Banana


“MLA were a pleasure to work with. I run an interior design company in London and wanted a website. They took me from design to completion in a matter of weeks. They quickly understood the image I wanted to create and style of website that was needed. The results exceeded my expectations.”

-Sarah, Sarah Gare Interiors


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