The Importance of Adaptable SEO Strategies

The Importance of Adaptable SEO Strategies

In the last decade, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become vital to the digital marketing strategy for small entrepreneurs, start-up companies, and large companies. The way SEO affects the marketability of companies and individuals has changed and people have been confused at the algorithm changes. The key word in SEO is not just user experience but also innovation. The old SEO practices are no longer applicable and many companies found their rankings sinking down resulting in decreased traffic and plummeting sales. It is implied that Google’s algorithm update is an effort to punish shabby agencies and webmasters who abuse their SEO practices.

A lot of website owners and content marketers want to know how to adapt to newer SEO efforts. Many web businesses do not understand why they dropped off page one and why they could no longer rank well on Search Engine Results Pages (SERP). Google’s algorithm updates like Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird, caused many people to say that SEO is dead. Some companies no longer think SEO is still important for their business. But, chances are, they did not understand what SEO is and they are now just simply unable to adapt to an ever changing arena.

It all comes down to a good Digital Marketing Strategies, if you devote time and resources in creating an effective long-term strategy, you can innovate and change. A good business will be adaptable to challenges. Speaking of adapting, we can help you review your outdated SEO tactics and assist you in implementing a better approach to gaining web traffic and obtain organic rankings.

Why should you adapt your SEO strategy?

There are over a billion Google Searches done every day. More than 90% of these users will choose to look at organic search results. This is a reason why you must develop an effective and long-term SEO strategy.

Your content strategy must be able to predict, adapt, and implement strategies that don’t rely and won’t be affected by the algorithmic changes of Google. Google will keep reinventing the process that determines the rankings on SERPs, and your website needs to be ready for that.

SEO by MLA Web Design

In order for your content strategy to be successful, you must understand the elementary methodology. MLA believes that the foundation of your digital content strategy comes first over attempting to rank higher. The planning and execution of MLA Web Design’s adaptable SEO will guarantee a long-term benefit from your SEO investment and will keep your website ready to withstand the cleansing of Google’s algorithm updates.

Digital Content Marketing

Keyword Research and Competitive Research

Competitive research is the primary initiative in an SEO strategy. This involves finding a list of topics and keywords that will benefit your target audience. Keywords are an important part of your SEO strategy because they help identify your brand and website. Using these keywords, you can create pages of content that will be relevant to the questions that user search in Google.

Make Use of Keyword Research

If you type your keyword in search engines and the results come from your competitors, check their content and see if you can create original content that can bring better value and information to visitors. Constantly check their keywords and topic ideas because it might reveal topic ideas and related keywords that you have not found yet.
In a similar habit, get into the minds of your target audience and find the related keywords searches that they will do. You can use Google’s Keyword Planner to generate new ideas if you’re stuck in creating new content.

Due to the way search engines crawl your content change constantly, it might also help if you start centering your content on topics and concept ideas instead of focusing too much on your keywords. Your content must be about information that answers the questions that users are asking, not just matching the words they are typing.

Technical SEO Foundation

Once you’ve identified your keywords, build the foundation for SEO. Your created content must be found on the search engines, and this can be done by a technical methodology that will ensure the success of your tactics and strategies. Examples of these SEO efforts are:

Meta titles and descriptions, heading and subheading (h1/h2) tags, and natural keyword usage. These are menial tasks that will lay the foundation of your Search Engine Optimisation.

Your content structure and organization will also guarantee better conversion rates. Your audience must easily find and navigate to and fro the content they are looking for. SEO is not just about getting found, half the job of SEO is to provide helpful user experience. It is also important to look into responsive website design, which means your website works properly and adapts no matter what device it is viewed on.

Implement a Social Media Strategy

most-important-components-on-your-websiteTake the initiative to reach your audience. Once you publish your content, you’ll have to work to extend that as far as it can go. Share it in various social media platforms. Go and visit groups and industry hotspots around the internet. Extend your reach by sharing blogs and articles that might entice other people to visit your webpage.

Socialise wherever you maintain a presence or profile such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest… or any other private social media platforms or forums you’re involved with.
Engage your audience with sincere conversations. Talk to the fans of your topics. Be honest in reaching out in order to build a relationship with them. Sometimes, these fans will look at and share your content without even prompting.

Measure and Improve SEO performance

In order to successfully implement optimised content, measure and improve on the results of your efforts. Subscribe to metrics measurement such as Google Analytics for your

  • Unique visitors
  • Bounce rate
  • Keyword rank
  • Organic traffic
  • Backlink profile

The effects of a long-term SEO strategy cannot be easily seen because it is all about building on your content and establishing a relationship with your audiences. SEO strategies cannot be implemented overnight. SEO by MLA Web Design offers a solid technical SEO foundation with effective implementation of keyword research, content design and development, and social media sharing.

Important Things to Remember for an Adaptable SEO Strategies

  • Do your research and plan your SEO strategy accordingly.
  • SEO is about getting your content found and engaging your audience.
  • An adaptable SEO strategy will rely not on keywords but on concepts and ideas.

If you want to know more about an adaptable SEO strategy and how it can help your business, call us on 0203 823 9033 or use our contact form.

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