Practical Ways to Kick-Start The SEO Before A Site Launch


A lot of people may think that they can’t do SEO until the site is officially live, but experts says that there are numerous things you can implement in advance to guarantee a smooth sailing site launch.

Every so often, website owners fail to do a pre-launch SEO which may result into a poor site index. Rather than rising up in the rankings, their site is being overlooked by Google and the other relevant search engines and eventually, hidden deep in the search results.

So here are some concrete and practical ways to kick-start your SEO before officially launching your site:

1. Generate a “coming soon” page and enhance the basics

Making a solid and optimized “coming soon” webpage should be on top of your priority list as you work on your new site. There are tons of reasons why this is essential:

1. Search engines offer older sites more authority. Don’t forget that it takes time to get ranked by the search engines, so start building your site index with a ‘coming soon’ page.

2. The ‘coming soon’ page is a basis of leads. Include a strong motivation during this phase in order to attract the visitors to fill out a lead form. It could be done by providing something like an introduction video of your brand, a PDF guide, an entry in a giveaway and/or a comprehensive infographic in exchange.

3. This specific page can help sharpen up your brand. Show all of the necessary information on your page using your brand’s voice. Utilize some high-quality images on the page as well.

4. Start connecting with the users, even without a full functioning website. Link your ‘coming soon’ page to your brand’s social media accounts. Use the increasing social media circle to generate buzz about the new site and its content. Let everybody know that something great is coming soon.

5. Make it easier for press to connect with you. Put up a media kit on your ‘coming soon’ page. This media kit should be eye-catching and easy to access. It should also consist of all the basic information about your business.

Your press kit should consist of:

• logos that can be downloaded and utilized

• A brief summary of media coverage to date

• FAQ section, bios for you and your main staff

• The company overview and mission statement

• Contact information both for you and your business

Update the kit regularly. Not only will this guarantee that it is more complete, but it will also lead the search engines to see additional content.

2. Build all your social media profiles

It is critical to start constructing your social media community before your site officially launches.

By charming your audience on related social media platforms and sharing great content, you are nurturing trust in your business and broadening your brand’s reputation.

Be sure to have complete profiles on all the big platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Google+) as well as in other platforms that speaks to your target audience.

Link each of your social media profile to your ‘coming soon’ page. This makes it simple for people to keep track of any updates about the site launch by just clicking a button.

3. Construct all your pages, and be sure that they are optimized

You need numerous pages within your site, and each of them must be properly optimized. Be sure to include high-authority content that your target guests will utilize on each page.

Remember to make use of essential keywords; specifically long-tail keywords (as your site will not immediately rank for large terms yet), on each page and in page titles. You want to ensure you’ve generated a couple of well-optimized pages for every possible aspect of your brand before the launch.

4. Guest blog to build links to your domain

Guest blogging does not necessarily mean spammy promotion of your business. It’s about creating some of your best work to share with the viewers of websites that you have a high regard for.

When this is done properly, guest blogging is a fast and powerful way to produce great traffic to your site. It also lets you build your brand’s integrity and in time, become an influencer.

Search for some of the best guest blogging prospects by examining the sites in your niche and find out what types of guest posts would they like to see. You can simply search for “write for us” or “guest blogging opportunities” along with your niche keyword.

5. Sign up on the leading search engines

These leading sites include, but are not limited to, the following:

• Yelp

• Google +

• Bing Places

• Best of the Web

The Checklist

There are numerous things you can do prior to the site launch but generally, these are some of the things you should build upon:

• Build a media kit

• Create a “coming soon” page

• Sign up for some niche directories

• Make YouTube videos if necessary

• Pay for pre-launch advertorials, if possible

• Guest blogging to various popular and relevant sites

• Start constructing send out updates and email newsletter

• Optimize all your pages on the back end before your site launch

• Send your products to leading bloggers to review before the launch

Post-launch: Be sure to use metrics to closely monitor results

Immediately after the launch of your site, you must closely monitor the traffic for it is absolutely crucial to your brand’s success. This is the time where you must measure your results with metrics and test some strategies. Be sure to stay on top of it.

Watch out for things like these:

• Increasing 404 errors

• losses in keyword ranking

• Unusual slopes and gaps in traffic, also the general trends

• Abnormally slow pages on the site that may be getting overlooked in the indexing process

Make sure you have a great site launch approach. This will be the time to actually push your limits. One of the most horrible things you can do is launch an un-optimized website. After all, how many websites do you think are being launched in a year?

You want your site to stand out from the crowd, and to do it right, you need to have an incredibly optimized site. If you are still new to these online schemes, be sure to work with someone who has already gained a lot of experience regarding this matter.
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