5 Outdated SEO Strategies That You Should Avoid

SEO Strategies outdated

With more and more people relying on the Internet for practically anything they need, the call for site developers to up their game in terms of search engine effectiveness has never been more real. Indeed, the SEO game has been upgraded yet again.

With the ever-changing algorithm of the Google landscape, developers and SEO wizards find themselves armed with a plethora of SEO strategies and techniques to navigate the terrain, but sadly, most are now considered obsolete and should be avoided altogether. Failure to do so could potentially harm your site rather than give it the boost you expect.

Here are some SEO strategies that you should watch out for and avoid at all cost.

seo strategies image optimisation

Failure to optimize images along with the content should be avoided.

Since optimizing images is not part of the SEO strategy, it is one technique that tends to be overlooked. By adding some relevant keywords and shortcut references to images that are relevant to the article greatly increases the chances of a search engine recognizing it and accepting it as a link to a legitimate site.

Bombarding your website with keywords is a big no-no.

Rather than boost your rankings among websites, keyword stuffing as it is popularly known can harm your site irreparably. Google’s new algorithms can flag a stuffed site as potentially harmful or even block it altogether. Placing a few well thought of keywords in strategic locations on your web design is the way to go.

seo strategies

Not executing a canonical when you should.

If you anticipate a possible site duplication scenario, take the necessary steps to ensure that search engines will direct traffic to your site and not treat it as a duplicate.

Forgetting to index your pages.

Indexing is important because it assures the continuity in a search or ranking situation by getting rid of blank pages in the search stream. 404 page not found errors interrupt the search or ranking process and therefore exclude your site in search engines.

seo strategies

Failing to update your site and introduce new content renders your site stale.

Most companies become complacent after their site is set up and just leave it alone until it dies. Updating site content now and then with new material interesting tidbits ensures the survival of the site and a steady stream of traffic instead of a decline.

Avoiding making mistakes is the first thing to keep in mind as Internet marketers, yet a difficult task. SEO Agency London recommends you adapt and adjust your SEO strategies with the latest in the industry and leave the old behind.
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