How To Create Your Own Domain Name


Deciding on a domain name may seem simple, but there are quite a few significant factors that should be deliberated, and most of them are not obvious.

A domain name is an initial step towards beginning your online business. Don’t be deceived into thinking that it’s a simple event listing your company name with “” attached to the end. There are many concerns when registering and purchasing a domain name, some of which you may already be aware of, but some aspects don’t show as obviously as the others.

Before we go into the processes of obtaining domain names, let’s look at a brief history so there is an understanding of how the domain name system was developed.

In the early 1980s, a system was employed to let users connect to machines by human-readable names, as a replacement for physical address embodied by numbers (the IP address). Shortly after, Domain Name System (DNS) architecture was proposed by the American Paul Mockapetris that still remains in effect these days. This enables people to type in a name to link to a machine rather than using an IP address. This notion remains the same today with the added extensions like .uk or .au.

Diverse types of domain names
First, you must consider the domain names you are going to acquire. The most common choice to start with would be but there are other options besides this. There are countless extensions of the .uk such as: .org .edu. asn .gov .info .net .biz. Some of these are being used for associations and government, but there are other variations of the .uk that may suit your brand well.

Domain names and Trademarks
Before you choose and register your domain name, it is vital to make sure there is no possible trademark violation by doing so. As the applicant for a domain name, it is your task to make sure that the domain name you want to purchase and register does not infringe trademark regulation.

What creates a trademark infringement?
“By using a domain name that is deceivingly similar to a registered trade mark or identical to, there is a possibility of trade mark infringement, especially if the name offers similar or the same services or goods enclosed by the trade mark registration.”

Choosing a domain name for your brand:

Short and Concise
Recalling several terms rather than two to three simple words makes unnecessary difficulty for prospective website design clients. Remember to keep your domain name as short and concise as possible.

Be Specific
Incomprehensible names can complicate and confuse users when trying to remember your domain name. Some may also go to relevant site-name when searching for your service or product by using major search engines. There is also a term called ‘type in traffic’. This is the type of website visitor that is looking for home insurance or shoes and will type in or to their browser, so ensuring a specific domain name can help draw people into your web page.

Make it easy
Simplifying and decreasing the amount of work a customer needs to do, to use money with you takes you one step ahead of your competitors. Your contenders are only a back button away.

Don’t use ostentatious words
People are usually lazy customers. We want something on hand, easy to find, with the slightest amount of hassle and stress. This attitude applies to the online world as well. Just because your business brand consists of flamboyant words, don’t assume your prospective customers to try to spell these kinds of words when there are thousands of other businesses whose labels are easier to recall.

Multiple Domains
You are allowed to register several domain names and this method proves beneficial from a search engine optimization and marketing outlook. If your company is called SoftwareNow that generates online learning software and content management software, you may also want to try registering and Doing this may also show success in generating better rankings for those keyword terms in various search engines.

Old domains
Occasionally, viewing expired and old domains can help get your website ranked better in major search engines. For instance, an old domain may have quite a few hundred links to it. Indicating this old domain to your own site might increase the speed of your site getting indexed which may eventually help in search engine rankings.

Different countries
If you’re trying to sell internationally, purchase that country’s specific extension if possible.

Make it remarkable
Some words that instil themselves into our language and become informal are part of today’s everyday life; hence, these kinds of addresses can typically be easily recalled.

Is your domain already taken?
A lot of people think the registration of your company and business name automatically inhibits the equivalent from being listed. That is not true. Domain names are handed out on a ‘first come first served’ basis make sure to quickly register the finest possible name for your brand.

What if your domain name is already registered?
If you feel as if there is no other alternative name that best describes your business, and you’re compelled to list a similar name to one that is already taken, there are some options that might be accessible. For instance:

• acronyms or use abbreviations

• adding a hyphen to the name

This technique should be used as a last option as there are still a lot of available domain names for the innovative site owner.

I now have my domain name. What now?
Be sure to keep the specifics of your domain name registrar. These are the list of people you need for all your domain name concerns. It’s important to know that you don’t really own a domain name. You are just licensed to use it for a set amount of time. This is essential to remember because if your registration expires, someone else can legally register your old domain.

Domain name scams
Ensuring to keep your domain name data and information in order, can guarantee that you are authorized to use the said domain, and not get caught out by scams. One of the widespread scams has been piloted by collecting information about domain names from openly available sources, and distributing emails to the owners of these domain names informing them that they should re-register their domain name; else they could actually lose it.

The unsuspicious owner then pays this so-called renewal to a company they’re not aware of and have never communicated with. These scams would initially ask for a small fee to avoid mistrust.

Be aware who your domain names are registered through, and save all your paperwork so you can check it anytime you need.

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