5 Best Web Design Tips For A Great Website


Decent web design with its exceptional appearance, overall feel and functionality, is what brings a website to life. It’s one the main reasons why visitors want to browse around and even bookmark the site for future visits, although, there is still a lot to consider when putting up a website.

To begin with, there are specific aspects such as the company’s brand, the appearance, image compression, color schemes to be used, browser compatibility and functionality, mobile compatibility, screen resolution, website architecture and site navigation. Then there are other things you have you deal with like the search engine optimization, hosting requirements, e-commerce, content management, coding and the like. All these elements should be combined together into one unified website design.

Here are some of the best Web Design tips you could utilize in order to achieve a website that would suit your brand’s vision and advocacy.

1. Captivating Layout Design

An eye-catching layout design can easily draw the attention of the guests and sustains it. This is what keeps the people exploring further into the site. A captivating site layout needs to have good basic design principles such as:

• A stable header and logo

• A seamless placement of the web elements

• A reliable navigation elements between web pages

• A great contrast between the text and the background

• A good balance between text and images as well as the white space on each web page

Website page layouts may contain columns, blocks, grids, Flash, CSS designs and/or CSS + JavaScript as their groundwork, but the finest layouts use a custom-made structure with fantastic features that appealingly showcase the web content.

2. Balanced Use of Graphics, Colours, and Multimedia

Web design can go utterly confusing when uncoordinated colours are being displayed and too many interactive features are used at once. On the other hand, a harmonious web page uses a maximum of three to four colours and utilizes text colours that contrast well with the website’s background theme colour.

Animated images and graphics can further improve the content rather than confuse the visitors. They should also be optimized so they won’t slow down the site’s functionality. Multimedia is used sensibly to boost the site and serve a well-defined purpose. Audio and video, as well as Flash files, should be visibly displayed and include necessary captions.

3. Well Structured Content

Although the overall look and feel of the website design welcome the visitors, it is the great content that keeps them hanging around. A web design can look fantastic, but unless it provides content in an engaging manner, it is considered meaningless.

Tips to attain superb web content would include:

• Accessible content with minimal clicks

• A systematized and stable presentation of content

• Consistent use of the font colours, sizes and hyperlink colours

• Use of neat fonts and limiting the font style to a maximum of two

• Presenting text in a comprehensive fashion (use big and catchy headings with brief paragraphs to entice the readers)

Content should be briefly presented using a consistent design that makes use of white space very well. The use of emphasized keywords will also offer visitors with quick access to the info they seek. The general content presentation also boosts the site’s search engine optimization (SEO).

4. Quick, Easy and Error-Free Navigation System

Without the necessary navigation and ease of accessibility, a web design is just a plain page. Navigation serves as a map, guiding the visitors throughout the site based on their preference.

Best use of web design navigation begins with making sure that all navigation hyperlinks function properly. Websites should contain:

• Great navigation system

• Visibly labelled main navigation links

• Use of navigation aids (such as breadcrumb navigation and sitemap)

• Provide text links in the footer section when utilizing Flash or images for the main navigation

Your site should have easy navigation with chic design by incorporating links back to some other pages on the site. You could also incorporate social networks by neatly placing some widgets and links.

5. Great Overall Functionality

A seamless website contains all of the previously mentioned factors, with an addition of adequate functionality. Functionality relates to how the site functions across all computer operating systems, browsers, as well as on mobile devices. It must function flawlessly while looking great on older and recent versions of browsers.

Overall functionality involves:

• Consistent design

• Good use of colour scheme and page logo

• Useful pull-down menus and neat navigation text to avoid confusion

• Refined functionality in showing feature services and overviews.

All elements should work effortlessly and visitors should find it easy to move around the website.

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